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Payroll Solutions



Our clients don’t need to worry about compliance or timeline  with payroll processing. We will establish most efficient and effective  process for your business, make sure it’s workable, and help you to  stick to it.

Golden Bookkeeping will generate Annual payment summaries for all  your employees and submit annual report to the ATO. As well, we will  ensure that you meet all your superannuation obligations, and all  lodgements are done on time.

Ultimately, our aim is to design the best solution that suits each individual client’s needs.

We will review your current payroll process, and provide our expert  advice to ensure the best and most efficient practices are established  for your specific business.


Here are just some of the benefits of getting Golden Bookkeeping to help out with your Payroll


  1. Australian payroll system has been ranked as the fifth most complex  in the world. In addition to that, some of the tasks can only be carried  out by a registered BAS agent. Whether your payroll is done weekly or  fortnightly, these are some of the activities we can routinely do for  you – check timesheets, allocate commissions, calculate payroll &  super, and maintain accurate employee records.
  2. ATO have recently implemented their latest initiative, a Single  Touch Payroll. Businesses emplying fewer than 20 people won’t be  affected until 1 July 2019. However, we will make sure you are  compliant, whatever your situation, with that or any new ATO updates and  initiatives.
  3. Having your payroll managed by Xero Payroll means that all the  latest compliance changes, tax codes, and updates to the regulations  will be automatically updated within the software. Making your dealings  with the ATO that little bit easier to handle.
  4. Our Payroll service means that we will process your payroll, produce  employee payslips, allocate salary payments, as well as the  superannuation payments.
  5. As part of our service to you, we will set up employee portals  within Xero, enabling your staff to access their payslips and payment  summaries whenever they like.


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