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Practical Training of Accounts on MYOB & XERO

Golden Opportunity to get Local Experience and Training with GOLDEN ACCOUNTANTS......


ARE YOU TIRED OF APPLYING JOBS IN ACCOUNTING? NOT GETTING ANY RESPONSE? Get your knowledge better and advanced through our practical LIVE training program to all  including STUDENTS ( Studying Accounting, individual professionals, business owners).

No matter what your Aim is- You might want to gain some practical experience or feel the heat to learn/work in a strictly professional working environment, You might want to learn the MYOB/XERO  to deal with your own Business Records OR looking to build a career in Accounting?

You can join this practical training program at any time regardless of your locations in AUSTRALIA. You will get the same benefits and learning opportunities through our LIVE set-up Program. 

What you can expect to learn:-

  • MYOB AND XERO ( Complete training)
  • Working with cards
  • Tax Compliance for various business structure
  • Bank feeds & Reconciliation tips and knowledge
  • Accounts Receivable ( Full training session)
  • Accounts Payable ( Full Training session)
  • Writing Cheques/Making deposits
  • Payroll  ( Process a payroll)
  • BAS/GST Tax compliance for small business
  • Financial Reporting channels

Practical coaching session will be one to one in the office itself with a real time experience and completely in practical manner.

We are also providing long distance LEARNING AND Training program to STUDENTS and others professional through a completely LIVE training program for MYOB AND XERO. Our sessions are currently live and active in PERTH, DARWIN AND BRISBANE.

Click the following link and select the MYOB training services to book your appointment :-


Get ready to gain Practical Experience on MYOB and XERO to advance your career in Accounting......

Get ready to gain Practical Experience on MYOB and XERO to advance your career in Accounting......


Sincy Plathanathu Easow


Hi, I am Sincy from Sydney.

Hurray! i have got a job in Accounting. Being from non-accounting background, i would never ever imagine, i could start a career in Finance & Accounting. All credit goes to Mr Harpreet Singh at GOLDEN ACCOUNTANTS. His training has made this possible and i got a job in accounting. Many Many thanks to Harpreet. your teaching & training has proved to me a life changer. Thanks a lot!!!!

Vikram Reddy Veta-Sydney


Hello, I am Vikram from Sydney.

Harpreet, thanks a lot mate!

Got a job in an Accounting firm just because of your efforts and training. You build that confidence in me which makes me get through the interview. I highly recommend your company & services to all the people out there looking a career break in accounting. Go and join Harpreet at Golden Accountants.Thanks a lot Harpreet!!!!!

Vishpala Athavale


Hi, I am Vishpala from Sydney.

I am a qualified Chartered Accountant from India. I would like to share my experience during the time i worked and learned the practical accounts on MYOB & XERO with Harpreet in his office at Blacktown. He has a tremendous knowledge of bookkeeping and accounting. His training and teaching helped me to land into a job in finance & accounting.Thanks a ton Harpreet. I highly recommend his services to others who are looking for a break in finance and accounting profession. 

Few Testimonials from our Learners

Digna Patel


Hi, I am Digna Patel.

I wanted to share my experience during my practical program of Accounts and MYOB with Harpreet Singh in his office.I have learned the MYOB  Accounting software in completely practical manner. This training has changed my attitude towards learning. Now i am a confident person who can work independently  on MYOB. I highly recommend this practical one to one session to people who are looking to work in accounting or admin jobs in Australia.

Sincy Plathanathu Easow


Hi, I am Sincy Easow.

I have done B.Tech in Biotechnology from India.  Being from non-accounting background, i was little confused about to join this practical accounts training. But, i must give all credit to Mr Harpreet Singh, who has taught me the basic principals and fundamentals of accounting from the very beginning in all practical way. I  did not only understood the double entry process, but now i am quite capable to work on general journals in MYOB. Thanks Harpreet for this wonderful opportunity to learn something very valuable for my future career. 

Rachna Thakkar


Hi, I am Rachna Thakkar. 

I am currently working in Admin Job in Australia. I wanted to learn this accounting software (MYOB) in order to enhance my position in my current role and future opportunities.I am so grateful to Harpreet Singh for giving me this such wonderful learning opportunity in his office. I would highly recommend his one to one sessions program for anyone looking to experience something different and unique. I am now so much confident to work on MYOB software and have gained the thorough knowledge of accounts receivable, accounts payable, bank reconciliation, GST compliance and financial reports. 

Bhupinder Lamba


Hi, My Name is Bhupinder Lamba.

I have been living in Australia from a long time. I am a commerce graduate from India. Accounting was always my passion. I am so ecstatic that i have found this one to one practical session of accounts with Mr Harpreet Singh. His teaching method is very unique and practical. I found his sessions very valuable and fruitful. Now i am quite capable of handling my own financial records on MYOB. Highly recommend his services to others. 

Khyatiben Patel


Hi, I am Khyati Patel.

I have recently finished my practical Program of Accounts and MYOB Training. I must say that I have found this practical sessions so informative and the teaching method of Harpreet was really brilliant. It was all practical teaching on real accounts and most importantly in the office and one to one session. I have learned all the aspects of accounting for various positions like Accounts Payable, accounts receivable, bookkeeping, Payroll etc. 

Vishpala Athavale


Hi, I am Vishpala Athavale.

I am a fully qualified Chartered Accountant from India.

I have completed the practical training of Accounts on MYOB & XERO with Mr Harpreet Singh in his office at blacktown. I found his sessions really good and informative. His method of teaching is very different and more in practical manner. one can easily understand the concept of accounting on MYOB. Highly recommend his services!


Mandeep Kaur-BRISBANE


I am Mandeep Kaur from Brisbane. 

I am a student of Master of Professional Accounting. I wanted to share my experience of learning MYOB & XERO with Harpreet from Golden Accountants. I was unsure first about this long distance training program. But, i must say that all credit goes to Harpreet. He has adapted a brilliant technique for this long distance learning program. It were pretty much live sessions as if i am in his office. I highly recommend his services!!!

Harmeet Bhatia-PERTH


Hi, I am Harmeet Bhatia from PERTH.

I am a qualified CS (Company Secretary) from India. I am sharing my thought on this practical training program of MYOB & XERO. I would recommend this practical sessions to all the peoples out there, who are looking to move to accounting and want to learn the most desirable accounting software training with Harpreet Singh.Thanks a ton!!!

Jenish Patel- DARWIN


Hi, I am Jenish Patel from DARWIN.

I am a student of Master of professional accounting. I wanted to start my career in accounting and fir that reason i was looking to gain some local experience with some good accountants here in Darwin. But with no success. I am very thrilled that i have found Harpreet Singh. His services of teaching you MYOB & XERO are like you are actually working in office at the same learning. It was an amazing experience! I highly recommend his services to students and others who are looking to get practical experience as well as training for Accounting software.

Vikram Reddy Veta-Sydney


Hi, I am Vikram Reddy Veta

I have done Master of professional Accounting. Joining the practical program with Harpreet at Golden Accountants was the best decision ever for me. I got a JOB OFFER in accounting. Thanks a ton to Mr Harpreet Singh.

Praseetha Kishore-Sydney


Hi, I am Praseetha Kishore.

I have joined this practical training program with Harpreet at Golden Accountants in his office through one to one session. I am finished the training program with him. Though from a non-accounting background, now i am confident person to work freely on any entry level job in accounting. All thanks to Harpreet!!!

Subodh Patel-Brisbane


Hi, I am Subodh Patel from Brisbane.

I have recently joined this practical training program with Harpreet. His teaching skills are really remarkable if one is looking to learn MYOB & XERO. Highly recommend his services!!

Testimonials from our learners-Sydney

Annapoorna Gattupalli


Hi, I am Annapoorna Gattupalli.

Its the Best Practical Training i ever had. Thanks to Mr.Harpreet  for  guiding me through all the topics on accounting and accounting  softwares. It helped me to build more Confidence and gain abundant  knowledge about the subject. I would highly recommend this training to  pursue a successful career in accounting!.

Divya Vallam


Hi, I am Divya Vallam.

Highly recommend Golden Accountants ! It’s a great platform to brush up  you’re accounting skills ! Harpreet has made the accounting concepts  very simple by giving us practical examples and easy approach .
If you’re looking for a start up career in accounting then here is you’re first step ! Thanks Harpreet for guiding me !

Sunitha Margapuram


Hi, I am Sunitha Margapuram.

If anyone's looking to learn MYOB & XERO with practical accounts training, i would highly recommend Golden Accountants, Harpreet has taught me thoroughly to work on these software. I am quite satisfied with his teaching skills. Now, i am a confident person to apply job in accounting!!!

Garima Bhardwaj


Hi, I am Garima Bhardwaj from Sydney.

I have done Master of Accountancy from western Sydney university in 2018. I would like to  share my experience of doing practical training of accounts on MYOB & XERO with Harpreet in his office at blacktown. I have learned and gain a hands on experience with A/P AND A/R with an advanced knowledge of bank reconciliation and preparing financial reports. Highly recommend Golden Accountants in order to pursue career in Accounting and finance. 

Jaspreet Kaur


Hi, I am Jaspreet kaur from Sydey.

I have completed Master of professional Accounting from wentworth Institute , Sydney with an extensive experience in accounting. practical training at Golden Accountants helped me to learn MYOB & XERO thoroughly and given me enough confidence to work in my ownership.All thanks to Harpreet. Highly Recommend his office services!! 

Khushi Nikhil Kotwani


Hi, I am Khushi Kotwani from Sydney.

I am a commerce graduate in first class and a Certificate IV in Bookkeeping and Accountancy from TAFE NSW. I am sharing my thought on this practical training program of MYOB & XERO. I would recommend this practical sessions to all the peoples out there, who are looking to move to accounting and want to learn the most desirable accounting software training with Harpreet Singh.Thanks a ton!!!

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